Web Host PEER 1 Deploys Nimsoft Unified Manager for Monitoring

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Web hosting provider PEER 1 Hosting announced on Monday that it has deployed Nimsoft Unified Manager to provide customers with monitoring capabilities.

This news comes less than a week after PEER 1 announced that it has enhanced its SMART Partner Program, changing it from a four-tier revenue commitment model to a two-tier performance-based model.

According to the press release, Nimsoft Unified Manager is a multi-tenant management-as-a-service solution that combines infrastructure monitoring and service management capabilities.

PEER 1 says that the data Nimsoft provides to customers will enable it to shorten its response time to customer issues. This may be a concern of other web hosting providers, and could be a reason to offer monitoring solutions to customers. PEER 1 says with Nimsoft it was able to reduce the cost and complexity associated with maintaining multiple monitoring systems.

According to PEER 1, it expects to save money in the long term since Nimsoft is replacing more than 10 management systems. It says it is saving on administration, power, space and maintenance.

PEER 1 says it will make Nimsoft Unified Manager available for 8,500 customers, and all customers will have the ability to upgrade the basic service to an advanced version that offers more flexibility in terms of customizing monitoring of applications, systems and network devices.

“Our mission is to enable our customers to focus on business value, rather than on fixing infrastructure problems,” Tim Varma, vice president of product development at PEER1 Hosting said in a statement. “Nimsoft Unified Manager helps us achieve this mission by empowering us to quickly identify, report and prioritize issues so we can more easily and cost-effectively fulfill our customer SLAs—and more clearly prove the value we add.”

Nimsoft’s subscription-based pricing enables customers to choose the monitoring and service desk options that best meet their requirements. It has open APIs that allow PEER 1 to integrate monitoring and service desk functions with its customers IT infrastructures.

“By providing superior infrastructure monitoring and advanced service desk functionality in a single, flexible cost-effective package, Nimsoft uniquely supports PEER 1 Hosting’s focus on delivering maximum value to its customers,” Chris O’Malley, Nimsoft CEO said in a statement. “PEER 1 Hosting’s decision to make Nimsoft a strategic technology for differentiating itself in today’s highly competitive MSP marketplace underscores the power of both our solution and our ITMaaS delivery model.”

Other web hosts offering Nimsoft monitoring include SoftLayer, and infrastructure-as-a-service provider RapidScale.

Talk back: Do you think deploying a monitoring solution like Nimsoft would reduce your customer response times? What kind of monitoring solution do you offer your customers, if any? Let us know in the comment section.

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