PeakColo announced on Tuesday that it has released a multi-platform PaaS to help developers host their applications without managing their own servers

Web Host PeakColo Releases PaaS Based on Uhuru Software Technology

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Web hosting provider PeakColo announced on Tuesday that it has released a multi-platform PaaS to help developers host their applications without worrying about managing their own servers or virtual machines.

The PeakColo PaaS, based on PaaS technology from Richmond, WA software startup Uhuru Software, helps developers move applications to public or private clouds with the click of a few buttons, automatically taking care of load balancing and fail-over.

PeakColo PaaS will be available in trial mode in the coming weeks. The service will be available as a white label offering to PeakColo resellers who wish to offer a PaaS to their customers without having to host it themselves.

This announcement comes a few weeks after PeakColo raised $7.5 million in growth equity from Mertiage Funds and Sweetwater Capital.

Uhuru AppCloud is designed to automatically deploy applications on web servers without any special configuration. It supports every major web application language and platform including .NET, Ruby, Java, Node.js and PHP.

In beta mode since June 2012, Uhuru provides its AppCloud PaaS technology to more than 3000 users. It distributes directly to users, and partners with service providers like PeakColo to offer PaaS to their end-customers.

“The next phase of the cloud revolution is now under way. Instead of having to mess with operating systems and virtual machines, software developers and IT staffs are able to publish their applications directly to services which handle configuration and deployment for them. Organizations can now let their hosting providers worry about patching and managing operating systems,” Uhuru says on its website.

“Developers want to focus on building great software without getting mired in the issues of complex deployments or security,” Jawad Khaki, CEO of Uhuru said in a statement. “By using the PeakColo service software engineers can not only have more fun but ensure their applications are cloud ready and secure, using the language of their choice, right from the start.”

In August, the Open Data Center Alliance published a new usage model focused on platform as a service interoperability.

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