Web Host Omnis Network Adds New Hosting Services, Redesigned Website

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Omnis Network, a web hosting provider based in Torrance, Calif., has added several new hosting services to its portfolio, and has launched a redesigned website that incorporates its new services.

The new services include virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and colocation hosting. Omnis Network already has experience providing these services after having privately offered these hosting services to some of their larger customers, and colocation to a handful of web hosting companies as well.

“We are excited about the opportunity that these new services provide for us to work with larger businesses and enterprises, as well as accommodate the growing hosting needs of our existing clientele.  We have been wanting to make this move for quite a while,” Patrick Chon, marketing manager of Omnis Network said. “And now with our newest data center, we have the infrastructure necessary to support the quality hosting service that customers have come to expect from Omnis.”

According to Omnis, earlier this year it acquired a data center facility in Tempe, Az., from Nestle, which was used by the company to support its North America operations. The newest facility is in addition to its existing locations in Torrance, Calif., and Toronto, Canada.

With the additional facility, Omnis is able to offer more hosting services to the general public, and more selection to existing customers. A recent survey of hosting CEOs showed that the majority planned to expand their hosting offerings to grow their businesses.

“We feel highly fortunate to have come upon this property,” Chon said. “By combining the very best hardware, with our already acclaimed technical support, we will be able to offer customers high value colocation services at reduced prices versus the competition.”

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  1. Michael

    Total fluff article.... as I write this, I know that you don't use Omnis as there servers are currently DOWN, again. 24/7 support is a joke as well.... this host used to be great but not anymore... I'm moving all my sites to another host!