iWeb launched its beta cloud servers in February, and has officially launched its cloud server offering

Web Host iWeb Launches Cloud Server Hosting


Web host iWeb announced on Thursday that it has launched its new cloud server service, which it is marketing as a “kinder” cloud for customers to manage.

iWeb launched the beta version of its cloud server in February 2012, and made a limited number VMs available to Smart Server customers in the control panel. It rolled out additional beta servers at a rate of 25 per week, according to a blog post.

Several web hosts have changed their cloud services recently as customers demand easy-to-use and more affordable cloud hosting. Most recently, Phoenix NAP lowered the prices on its cloud hosting offering Secured Cloud, a decision that president Ian McClarty says was based on customer feedback. iWeb added its cloud servers based on customer demand, as well.

“Our customers asked for cloud services, and we heard them loud and clear. We also heard horror stories from businesses that had been charged outrageous fees for data transfer using other cloud platforms. So we decided to build a kinder cloud; one that won’t drown your business with unexpected charges,” Martin Leclair, president of products and iWeb co-founder said in a statement.

The cloud servers are powered by iWeb’s “Smart Layer Technology”, a server provising technology that enables data center automation, and is highly scalable, according to a press release.

“By extending our Smart Layer technology, we have developed a highly scalable cloud offering that will exceed the current needs of most customers, who can now build their hosting infrastructure using both the new cloud server and the Smart Server, which share the same high-performance local network,” LeClair said in a statement.

The cloud servers are billed by the hour, giving customers the flexibility to use the resouces they need, on-demand, and for as long as they need them, iWeb says. It is selling the new cloud service directly to its customers, and it is available through iWeb’s partner and reseller network as well.

iWeb will offer its customers unmetered traffic and no data transfer charges for a limited time.

According to its website, iWeb will continue to add new features, and customers interested in keeping up with updates to the cloud servers can sign up for a newsletter on its website. Some of the planned features include more OS options (including Ubuntu, Debian and Windows), image templates, VM snapshot for backup or sandboxing and cloud API to connect to third-party services.

In January 2012, iWeb’s shared hosting division Funio became a completely separate company. With its shared hosting brand separated, it looks like iWeb was able to focus on developing its cloud services.

Talk back: What do you think of iWeb’s approach in marketing its new cloud service as “kinder” to customers? How does ease-of-use factor into your clients cloud hosting perceptions? Let us know your thoughts in a comment.

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  1. I'd say stay away from iweb.com. Their current services are unstable for international access (consistent congestion issues on their back-bone to .ca from overseas). Several of their major customers experience a lot of connection/flooding issues with hack attempts, botnet attacks, etc. and the iweb servers have ineffective redundancies or protection against them.

  2. these services invaluable to startups who lack technical expertise. this clearly shows how much they care.