Web Host Infinitely Virtual Offers Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Hosting

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Virtual private server hosting provider Infinitely Virtual announced this week that it is offering a hosted product based on Microsoft’s SQL Server 2012, making it one of several hosting companies to get an early jump on offering services based on some of Microsoft’s new server platforms.

In the press release announcing the new offering, Infinitely Virtual says SQL Server 2012 is the product’s first major release since 2008, and represents a significant improvement on the already popular platform.

According to Infinitely Virtual, many of the individual improvements have to do with building in the means for customers to take advantage of cloud services.

“Microsoft has made impressive upgrades to its SQL Server and recognizes cloud computing requires the most secure data, at the same time that businesses want greater flexibility in how they share data across an enterprise,” says Infinitely Virtual CEO Adam Stern, quoted in the press release. “Infinitely Virtual customers have the best of both services now — advanced server capability combined with our scalable hosting services and our intrusion detection and prevention system that provides the best security on the market today.”

The specific new features of SQL Server 2012 include a new “always on” availability feature; faster query processing; programmability enhancements to the database engine; faster data discovery and exploration; self-service business intelligence; and Data Quality Services, which manages and cleans data.

Being early to market with new versions of leading tools is a strategy followed by more than a few successful hosting providers, and new iterations of key Microsoft offerings (such as SQL Server) are often among the best examples of this.

Last week, Windows web hosting provider Applied Innovations launched an evaluation cloud hosting offering based on Windows Server 2012 beta.

Looking to the latest versions of the various technologies it offers seems to be a key area of focus for Infinitely Virtual, which frequently announces new products based on the latest version of tools from leading developers.

On April 30, Infinitely virtual added vmWare vCloud Director to its hosting platform.

In March of this year, Infinitely Virtual launched a reseller hosting plan, offering customers and partners the ability to resell VPS hosting from the company.

Talk back: Is offering the latest iterations of the technologies you support a priority for you? Do you have plans to support SQL Server 2012? Is there an appetite for SQL Server 2012 among your customers? Let us know in the comments section.

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