Web Host Infinitely Virtual Adds VMware vCloud Director to Hosting Platform

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Cloud hosting company Infinitely Virtual announced on Monday it has added VMware‘s vCloud Director to its hosting platform, giving IT managers more “self-service” options when needing to reconfigure networking resources, move data between different clouds, or change virtual applications.

The move comes a few months after VMware launched its vCloud Integration Manager, enabling service providers to automate the delivery and operations of clouds based on VMware vCloud Director

Integrated with Infinitely Virtual’s upgrade to VMWare’s vSphere5, VMware vCloud Director saves IT managers time and money by giving them more autonomy and control over important aspects of their virtual infrastructure.

“Adding VMWare’s vCloud Director continues Infinitely Virtual’s mission to deliver the most flexible, cost-effective cloud hosting services to our customers,” said Adam Stern, Infinitely Virtual founder and CEO. “We host and manage the secure, cloud platform while our IT customers have increased autonomy to make application and networking changes as they wish. It’s a smart division of labor that advances our goal of enabling clients to use their virtual infrastructure as a growth engine.”

Customers deploying vCloud Director benefit from its user-friendly interface that provides end-users with the tools to develop a self-service networking and flexible cloud environment.

Infinitely Virtual’s vCloud Director integration offers many advantages, including giving IT professionals the ability to self-manage virtual applications without the assistance of the cloud service provider, and facilitating quick changes, or changes on short notice due to current business needs.

Additionally, IT managers will be able to upload vApps into a catalog which can be used at a later date without involving the cloud service provider, will have greater control in moving and distributing workloads between different clouds, can cut network configuration time down to a matter of minutes, and will be able to power up or power down on demand via automated features without having to contact the cloud service provider.

The integration also manages the end-user’s own firewalls and allows them to change ports without requiring any workload from the cloud service provider, and facilitates changes in security due to changing department needs.

At last month’s World Hosting Days, Graham Crich of VMware discussed the opportunities in the cloud hosting market for VMware partners.

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