Web host Hostway has launched its FlexCloud API for Hyper-V management across multiiple clouds

Web Host Hostway Releases FlexCloud API for Hyper-V Management Across Multiple Clouds

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Web hosting provider Hostway announced on Tuesday that it has released its FlexCloud API for potential resellers of Hyper-V cloud services as well as for organizations that want to connect Microsoft Hyper-V private clouds with a public cloud. The API is apparently the first one to support Hyper-V deployments.

According to the press release, the new API is compatible with OpenStack and is available immediately to enterprises and resellers using Hostway’s FlexCloud server. Hostway introduced its Hyper-V based hybrid cloud offering in February.

This announcement comes a day after Hostway announced that it would offer its customers the Websplanet website builder.

The FlexCloud API helps eliminate vendor lock-in concerns that can arise as a result of the proprietary APIs offered by some hosting providers, Hostway says. It enables Hyper-V virtual management across multiple cloud environments and allows partners and resellers to build their services upon a cost-effective cloud platform, according to the press release.

Hostway customers can use the API to automate server provisioning, auto-scale servers up and down based on set performance controls, and integrate services on an enterprise-class cloud.

Companies that have Hyper-V installed on their internal Windows Server environments can instantly connect to one of Hostway’s geographically dispersed public clouds to help meet bursting, failover and compliance.

Hostway resellers can bundle the API with their offerings to drive new revenue streams and automate the server provisioning process.

“The lack of integrated cloud management on a cost-effective, enterprise-class cloud has hampered our efforts to capitalize on the growing cloud marketplace,” Ryan Sumner, director of technology at Cynch Inc., which resells Hostway’s hosting services, said in a statement. “With Hostway’s new API, we can offer full management and support and reduce vendor lock-in concerns for Hyper-V shops and SMBs that want their applications, websites or other resources hosted in the cloud without requiring them to move to a costly cloud provider like those running VMware. We expect this to drive substantial cloud revenues for our business.”

Hostway says its cloud and hybrid hosting services provide full support for Linux and other operating systems, including a hypervisor-agnostic managed cloud.

Hostway is demonstrating the new FlexCloud API at Booth 131 at the Microsoft Management Summit 2012 conference in Las Vegas.

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