Web Host Hosting.com Publishes Cloud Trends Report

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Web hosting provider Hosting.com (www.hosting.com) announced on Wednesday it has released its 2011 Cloud Industry Trends and Best Practices Report. 

The report is based on data Hosting.com collected over a five-week period. The survey targeted company executives and IT professionals, which attracted nearly 600 individual responses.

The 2011 Cloud Industry Trends and Best Practices Report introduces significant insight into the cloud marketplace – including consumer expectations of Cloud Computing, intended uses, obstacles, and expected timeframes for implementing cloud-based solutions. 

Some of the findings from the report include 44 percent said cloud computing was an executive priority, BCDR services were cited a thes top reason for investment in the cloud and up to 5 times growth in the next 18 months, over 30 percent reported that their cloud services provider must provide integration with their existing services, and 80 percent said they are likely to consider cloud servers to replace physical servers.

“Hosting.com has been at the center of the cloud hype for almost three years – this report and our cloud success over the past 12 months confirm that cloud has moved from hype to a transformative and widely used alternative to traditional IT practices,” says Aaron Hollobaugh, Hosting.com vice president of marketing. “Cloud growth will continue to explode for two primary reasons; one, because it fills a current marketplace void – a cost-effective way to implement much needed BCDR plans and two, it can replace or augment a large marketplace – cloud as an alternative to physical server refreshes and replacements.”

The trends surrounding hybrid solutions indicate that while companies want the benefits provided by cloud architectures they do not want to see their investments in infrastructure wasted.

The survey is published in an eBook format and can be downloaded online at 2011 Cloud Industry Trends and Best Practices Report.

Hosting.com will be hosting a webinar on March 2 titled, 2011 Cloud Trends and Best Practices.

The company says the webinar will provide comprehensive views on the evolving cloud marketplace, including details on how and why companies are implementing or plan to implement cloud technologies, what value they believe cloud will or is providing to their companies and which solutions are best suited for the cloud.

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