Heart Internet has launched SiteDesigner, its website builder based on the BaseKit platform

Web Host Heart Internet Launches SiteDesigner Based on BaseKit Website Builder


Web hosting provider Heart Internet announced on Monday that it has launched its website building software SiteDesigner based on the BaseKit platform.

According to the press release, SiteDesigner has been created for customers with a wide range of technical knowledge. Beginners with no technical knowledge can use drag and drop tools to create a website, and experienced web designers can use the advanced tools to build a more complex website.

This announcement comes two months after Heart Internet started offering StopTheHacker’s website security services.

Web hosts that want to offer website builders without building one from scratch are opting to use white label platforms like BaseKit. On Monday, Hostway partnered with website builder WebsPlanet.

Recently, BaseKit partnered with web hosting provider HostGator to offer its customers more than 100 professionally designed templates, which are customizable through HTML and CSS. BaseKit websites can be used for ecommerce storefronts, and users can add Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps and more through a drap and drop function.

“We believe SiteDesigner is a major step forward for online web builder products,” Heart Internet director Jonathan Brealey said in a statement. “Every pixel can be customised to the customer’s needs, and the easy to use drag and drop system makes building a beautiful website a reality for non-designers. Additionally, SiteDesigner can be used by professional website designers to speed up how long it takes to launch a great looking website.”

Heart Internet is offering the SiteDesigner builder starting from $9.50 per month, including web hosting.

Resellers can offer SiteDesigner to clients with a 25 percent discount off the monthly price.

Talk back: Are you offering a website builder to your customers? How important is ecommerce functionality to your SMB customers using website builders? Let us know in a comment.

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  1. Jim

    "Online site builders are used by under 1% of the clients we host." Maybe you should offer Basekit.. if you're offering some junk like Parallels or RV.. I'm not surprised nobody wants to use them.

  2. >Are you offering a website builder to your customers? Yes, for over 8 years :) Online site builders are used by under 1% of the clients we host. Sitebuilders will always offer less scope, less functionality and less customisation vs a traditional CMS or "offline" software - they're great for "My first website" projects, but serious internet users dump them immediately afterwards and go for systems like Joomla! and Drupal. >How important is ecommerce functionality to your SMB customers using website builders? Not at all, there are infinitely better tools available for e-commerce, many of which are open-source, and for hosts using "standard" software/control-panels (unlike HI) usually available free and for just a few clicks with a script installer. Sitebuilders are getting press, simply because 1und1 etc are doing TV advertisements about them - so people sit, watch and go "ooh I can build a website without any technical or design skills" - and yes they can, but what they get is a website that looks like 837,214,922 other websites using the same template, put together by someone without any technical or design skills. Right-tool, right-job should always be the motto - and for ecommerce a site-builder is not the right tool. Ever.