Web Host GoDaddy in Talks to Buy Nodejitsu: Report (Update: Deal Confirmed)

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Major web host GoDaddy was said to be acquiring Node.js hosting platform Nodejitsu soon, according a report from VentureBeat citing unnamed sources.

Update: As of Tuesday afternoon, GoDaddy confirmed the deal in a blog post, noting that Nodejitsu employees including co-founder and CEO Charlie Robbins will join the company.

One of VentureBeat’s sources notes the deal isn’t closed, but that the companies were aiming to make the announcement at Node Summit this week, yet it will likely take longer.

With its early success largely attributed to schlocky (albeit effective) commercials and focusing on a mainstream audience, GoDaddy has been taking steps in recent years to appeal to more sophisticated customers including developers. And the acquisition of Nodejitsu could help GoDaddy’s reputation among developers who would normally turn to an Infrastructure-as-a-Service host like Linode or DigitalOcean for their applications.

GoDaddy has engaged in many acquisitions over the past few years in an apparent effort to expand its appeal to different user groups and acqui-hire engineering talent. A good example of this was the purchase of web host Media Temple in October 2013, which was seen at the time as a way GoDaddy could expand its user base of more creative, technically-savvy users.

Node.js has become popular as a way to allow developers to write server-side applications using JavaScript. What Nodejitsu adds to Node.js is its “jitsu” tool which makes it simple for the user and the host to deploy a Node.js application.

GoDaddy has also experimented with Node.js, having open-sourced two projects built on top of Node.js in 2013: its Node Cluster Service and its High Availability Redis Client.

In the Tuesday announcement from GoDaddy, Nodejitsu founder and CEO Charlie Robbins stated, “Our entire team was impressed by GoDaddy’s incredible transformation and commitment to important technologies like Node.js. We’re all thrilled to contribute and accelerate that as we deliver killer new products to millions of customers.”

Raj Mukherjee, GoDaddy’s SVP of Product added, “GoDaddy is doubling-down on its commitment to Node.js as we continue to use Node and Javascript as important elements of our products and platforms. We’re ecstatic to have the incredibly talented team at Nodejitsu join GoDaddy. They will prove invaluable in our efforts to push Node.js forward and contribute back to the community.”

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