Go Daddy has produced its commercials, including its SuperBowl campaigns, for the past seven years in house

Web Host Go Daddy Hires Ad Firm Deutsch to Produce Olympic Marketing Campaign

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Web hosting provider Go Daddy announced on Wednesday that it has enlisted the help of advertising agency Deutsch Inc in producing its new marketing campaign set to launch during the Olympics broadcast on NBC.

This announcement comes a couple of weeks after Go Daddy sponsored the Indy 500 broadcast.

The campaign, called “Inside/Out”, is a departure from Go Daddy’s usual approach in that it has produced its infamous Super Bowl campaigns in-house for the past seven consecutive years, and this will be its first time signing an outside agency, according to its press release.

“We are teaming up with Deutsch because we think the team there ‘gets us’ and can help take Go Daddy to the next level,” Go Daddy chief marketing officer Barb Rechterman said in a statement. “They understand our story and we think working with Deutsch is going to be an important step in Go Daddy’s brand evolution.”

The move could be a product of Go Daddy’s acquisition last year, in which investors injected up to $2.5 billion in the web hosting provider. With its investors eyes on the bottom line, hiring an outside agency to produce the marketing campaign could increase its exposure internationally, a market in which Go Daddy has less of a hold than the US.

“We see this as a tremendous opportunity to take Go Daddy, one of the most recognizable Super Bowl advertiser brands, or Internet brands for that matter, and make it relevant for what it does,” Val DiFebo, Deutsch NY CEO said in a statement. “Go Daddy has a phenomenal growth story and delivers a brand of service unlike any of its competitors. Our challenge is to tell that story in a way that it still fun and edgy, but showcases more of Go Daddy’s specific offerings.”

Go Daddy says the ads will maintain its “sense of fun”, but Deutsch will help its campaign “engage viewers more deeply about what exactly Go Daddy does.” In the past, Go Daddy ads have been called sexist, and led many people to question what women in tight-clothes have to do with domain registration and web hosting. (However, the same could be asked about “booth babes”, a questionable marketing move prevalent at many technology conferences).

“People know who we are, our Super Bowl marketing has helped make Go Daddy a household name,” Go Daddy CEO Warren Adelman said in a statement. “Our customers think of us as their business partner because of our products, infrastructure and service. What we want to do now is market in ways that tell people more about what we do to help businesses grow online.”

Talk back: Do you produce marketing campaigns in-house or use outside agencies? Do you think advertising for web hosting, regardless of the provider, benefits the whole industry? Let us know in a comment.

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