GigeNET Goes Down After Smoke Detected in Data Center


UPDATE Oct. 10: GigeNET has emphasized that there was no fire at its Arlington Heights data center and that no servers have been damaged. This is the first network wide outage GigeNET has experienced at this data center since 2006. GigeNET will be issuing SLA credits.

From its Facebook page, “At 3:24PM Central Standard Time, an incident occurred in the vicinity of our Arlington Heights data center. A power line went down as a result of an accident. This created massive power surge that was greatly mitigated by our breakers and surge protectors but resulted in one short, inciting some smoke. This was detected by our VESDA double pre-action smoke detection system and the fire department quickly arrived on site. This initial incident did not affect our service provision. However, the fire department instructed us to begin an EPO (emergency power off) procedure on our battery backup units as a safety precaution in accordance with the fire department review. The safety inspector and our electricians were required to be on site and ensure a safe power up to safeguard against equipment damage before we were able to move forward. The moment that we were cleared for a power up, we began turning customers back on in phases (as per recovery procedure, so as to not overload PDUs) and with haste.”

UPDATE 7 pm ET: The issue is only affecting GigeNET’s Chicago data center.

GigeNET is experiencing “technical difficulties” that are impacting an unknown number of customer websites and has taken its company website offline.

In the most recent posts on Twitter at around 5:30 pm ET, GigeNET said the fire department made it turn off electricity after smoke was detected in the data center. It is unclear where in the data center, or in which GigeNET facility the smoke was detected.

Customers should be back online shortly, or within the next 1-2 hours, GigeNET said.

Last month, GigeNET reported that it had experienced “tremendous” growth, adding new data center capacity in Los Angeles, in addition to its Chicago, IL facility. In August, GigeNET launched new cluster hosting plans.

In a thread on Web Hosting Talk, a spokesperson from GigeNET said the company is aware of the outage and is “working on getting everything back up as soon as possible.”

We will update this post as we hear more.

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  1. Chris

    I was a customer of Gigenet when this occurred. Their support response was nil and they ended up losing a RAID 5 AND AN INDEPENDENT 1.5 TB back up drive all at the same time....and then expected me to pay for their recovery. I disagree that all servers were powered down correctly. I also disagree that Gigenet Support was on top of things. Were it not for great planning on the part of our IT staff, we could have lost the farm from this 'incident'. I would not recommend anyone host any thing of import with this company. Christopher Gross Tech Services

    • So you don't have backups? Do you really rely on just one 1.5tb on location drive? That sounds crazy. Granted what happened sucks for every one, especially gigenet. But to blame them for your drive failure and weak redundancy is not valid. Also Raid 5 is about the last thing you ever want to have in this situation. You catch that array writing in the middle of a bad shutdown then.... c'ya later bye data!

      • Chris

        "Were it not for great planning on the part of our IT staff, we could have lost the farm from this ‘incident’. " We were up and running several hours after we made the call to leave. This time could have been much shorter for our customer had gigenet support been forth coming and less confused about their own hardware configurations.

  2. George Gibson

    It's been 2 days it was not a power outage it does not take 2 days to reboot any computer or server, they refuse to post new updates and refuse to answer tickets

  3. david

    Unheard of no power backup?

    • Nick

      Wow. Really dude. There is a fire where the data is kept not a power outage lol.

  4. hi .. i had a problem to go to website .. is this any connection with giganet server??? i hope there's a quick solution as soon as posibble and the site can go online again

  5. alex

    According to which is hosted at Gigenet, they had a fire in the datacenter.

  6. Gigenet Update

    The smoke alarms went off for a brief time in our data center, but there was no fire in the building. All systems were properly shut down prior to turning off the power to the building. As of right now, we are still estimating a one to two hour downtime as we begin to start all the servers back up in phases. We will continue to update as we get more details.