The domain management service provided to reddit alleviates the administrative burden of tracking registrations

Web Host Gandi Provides Domain Management Service to Social News Site Reddit

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Web host and domain registrar Gandi announced on Wednesday that it  now manages the domain portfolio of social news site reddit.

This customer win comes three months after Gandi expanded its platform as a service offering to the US.

The domain management service provided to reddit alleviates the administrative burden of tracking registrations, Gandi says.

Gandi says its corporate services manage domain registration, transfer and renewal, and helps to minimize brand dilution and reputation damage from phishing sites and typo squatting. Its services are offered on a subscription, a-la-carte basis.

In September, reddit had more than 40 million unique visitors from 175 different countries. For companies like reddit with high profiles and large domain portfolios, Gandi says its corporate services are especially a good fit since it offers “technical and administrative scaling and management of arcane registration requirements.”

Gandi reports on and monitors similar registrations and can proactively capture newly available domains to maintain reddit’s brand reputation, according to the press release.

In addition, Gandi and reddit views on the Internet are aligned as they both were in opposition to the Stop Online Piracy Act last year. reddit is credited with having a major influence on swaying public opinion of SOPA with its participation in the widespread internet blackout in January.

“We consider customer rights and privacy to be a cornerstone of civilization,” Ricky Ramirez, systems administrator at reddit said in a statement. “To us, Gandi is the new clear leader among domain name registrars with whom we enjoy a successful and productive alliance.”

“We are proud to win the trust of reddit, an organization that feels as strongly about freedom of expression as we do,” Thomas Stocking, COO, Gandi said in a statement. “With 3.4 billion page views last month, reddit represents the most high profile of many organizations who have recently moved to Gandi’s corporate services.”

Recently, the WHIR looked at how reddit crashed during an online Q&A with President Barack Obama, and how hosts help customers handle traffic spikes.

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