Web Host FortaTrust Expands Network with Florida Data Center


Web hosting company and data center operator FortaTrust announced on Tuesday it has opened its latest data center in Doral, Florida, which expands its market reach in North America, while improving the performance and speed of its network.

Dubbed FTNA5, the Tier 4 data center formally housed the core infrastructure of AT&T, provides close to 20,000 square feet of data center space, and is an immediate benefit to the clients of FortaTrust and its hosting and colocation services.

FTNA5 features six separate external fiber optic vaults for redundant carrier connections, direct access to AT&T, Level 3, PCCW, FiberLight, FPL Fiberlight, Verizon, and Comcast, a FortaTrust owned and operated fiber optic redundant path ring to the Terremark NAP of the Americas, providing access to a range of carriers with a lit presence at this NAP.

The data center also featuers full redundant underground multi-grid 1.5 Megawatt Electrical Feeds, full redundant electrical backup including Liebert Power Systems and Onan diesel generators, transport and IP transit ports from 100Mbps to 10Gbps provided exclusively by Cisco, direct access to the FortaTrust cloud infrastructure, including the FortaTrust Panama data center, and integrated NOC with a 24-hour staff.

“As a result of the opening of FTNA5, we are able to expand our North American services, providing our customers with immediate access to the full suite of FortaTrust products and services,” said Miguel Abood, FortaTrust brand manager. “We now have access to even greater resources to build upon and improve our service level for customers desiring services in North America.”

To celebrate the opening of FTNA5, FortaTrust is offering customers two limited time promotions exclusively for the new location. The first consists of a half a rack of colocation space with 50Mbps of dedicated IP transit and a dedicated server in FortaTrust’s Panama data center for $300 per month.

The second deal is a half rack with 100Mbps of dedicated IP transit and two dedicated servers in FortaTrust’s Panama data center for $550 per month.

Talk Back: Are you currently considering expanding your hosting company’s data center footprint? What are some of the important factors in the facility’s design process? Let us know in the comments section.Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. TooGoodTobe

    Fortatrust has some amazing deals on servers. All of those deals are too good to be true. I signed up and paid them, weeks later my services are still pending setup. I cannot get anyone on the phone. :(

  2. James Rolf

    I hear these guys have a big Asia expansion in the works. My company has over 300 dedicated servers with them, and I am looking forwards to the service in the far east.

  3. Jon. J

    Fortatrust are a *scam* company.

  4. L. Bridge

    Forta Trust, previously known as Server Pronto, is the absolute WOST provider you could ever do business with. They engage in negative billing [if you don't explicitly tell us not to upgrade your service we will] They do not process cancellation requests and continue billing you moths afterwards. Avoid them at all costs. If you do end up getting supposed service from them be VERY VERY VERY CAREFUL. And under all circumstances, this is very important: ***DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION ***

  5. pasko

    Fortatrust is the worst server and service on the market. The server is out of service once a day. I canceled my contract 2 months in advance and they charged my credit card. I asked devolution and they ignores me. Keep away if you do not want to lose everything, work, time and money!