A diagram shows FiberCloud's data center network which it claims helps Drupal websites be more resilient to downtime

Web Host FiberCloud Offers Servers, Hosting Plans for Open Source Drupal Developers

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Web hosting provider FiberCloud announced on Wednesday that it has released a series of Drupal servers and web hosting plans for Drupal developers.

According to the press release, FiberCloud will provide cloud and physical servers with pre-installed operating systems and custom configurations for Drupal developers. The Drupal offerings come pre-installed with LAMP stack and allow for custom deployment and revenue opportunities.

Prior to this release, FiberCloud supported both Linux and Windows OS but it is now developing an increased focus on hardware services for the Drupal open source community. Web hosts that align their services with an open source community can have great success as they create offerings around specific developer needs. For example, web hosting provider Neospire worked with Drupal developer Lullabot on hosting the Grammy’s website based on Drupal.

“Folks in the Drupal community are choosing hosting vendors that hire Drupal staff, that hire system administrators that are skilled with Drupal and that have a proven track record with launching and maintaining high-end Drupal sites,” Lullabot president and co-founder Matt Westgate said in an interview with the WHIR in September.

A recent report suggests Drupal is six times more popular than WordPress as the content management system for federal government domains. Drupal currently powers about 150 federal websites, the report says.

FiberCloud says its Drupal offerings are housed in SAS 70 Type II and MSP UCS certified data centers, and come with varying degrees of support options based on need.

“Drupal is a quickly evolving community, and we understand the need for simple custom IT support,” Susan DeFlorio, COO of FiberCloud said in a statement. “We put our infrastructure to work for them with the sole purpose of making life easier. We want them to get what they need to get off the ground and do what they do best, without even thinking about the hardware.”

While this announcement focuses on its Drupal offerings, FiberCloud also support WordPress and Joomla development, according to its announcement.

Last year Drupal-based software developer Acquia closed a $15 million Series D financing round to drive the adoption of Drupal-built websites worldwide. At the time, it was estimated that more than two percent of the world’s websites were built on Drupal.

Talk back: Have you aligned your web hosting services around an open source community like Drupal? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments.

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