Web Host Fasthosts Issues Survey Data on “Cloud Attitudes”

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UK-based web hosting provider Fasthosts announced this week that it has released the results of a study of the “cloud attitudes” of UK businesses, finding many of them still do not employ any type of cloud computing services.

The study, conducted by IDC, reveals that, while many UK businesses recognize the business requirements that Fasthosts says would be addressed by certain cloud computing solutions, 60 percent use no kind of cloud services now, many of them have no plans to adopt cloud services soon, and one in five plan to avoid cloud computing altogether.

For instance, 82 percent of firms reportedly recognize the need for off-site data backup, but only 16 percent use a cloud solution to address that need, and just over two thirds have no plans to use cloud computing in this way.

Fasthosts says the survey suggests that the performance, scalability and cost benefits of the cloud are not well known by UK businesses. About a quarter of the firms surveyed said their reluctance to embrace the cloud came from a lack of expertise on-staff.

According to Fasthosts, the results indicate that the industry might have to provide UK businesses with more education on the business cases for cloud computing.

Fasthosts has been conducting this kind of research for a couple of years now, as an interesting means of promoting the company through association with compelling facts about small business.

In November, the company published the results of a study it had conducted about the effectiveness of online user feedback.

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