Web Host BurstNET to Shut Down Customer Services by July 25


Embattled web host BurstNET will not be allowing clients to renew service subscriptions other than colocation, and will be shutting down these services on July 25, 2014, according to a message sent to its clients Tuesday.

The email sent to customers and posted on the forum WebHostingTalk reads:

It is with great regret that we inform you that all of your services with BurstNET will be terminating on your next billing cycle/renewal/current expiration of purchased services but in all cases no later than July 25th, 2014.

If you are a Co-Location client you can disregard this message. Your services will persist.

You will have until July 24th to migrate your services to other providers. On July 25th all services will be terminated.

BurstNET has been recently accused of avoiding paying debts in the state of Pennsylvania. The company’s customers and assets were bought earlier this year by an entity known as DigiPLUS which is headed by JW Ray, the managing member of cloud industry venture capital fund Backlog Capital.

The company could not be reached for comment.

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  1. Tim

    Its all well and good to say you have until July 24th to migrate but the servers are not up long enough to get the data off. I wonder if there is any chance of legal action to get access to our data. Don't you just love it when you assume backups are working find only to find out they are not. This will be an expensive reminder that one should always verify backups.

  2. Jason Buell

    I am a BurstNET hosting customer. Upon receiving the cancellation email mentioned in this post, I sent a rather unfriendly email to their support team asking for an explanation. Below is the response I received today: From: BurstNET Customer Service Department [mailto:custserv@burst.net] Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 7:48 PM To: Jason Buell Subject: [#DRX-507-80107]: RE: Critical Notice Regarding Your BurstNET Accounts Hello The business is being shut down. Any account that is paid through currently paid and up to date will be up and running until their next due date, but no later than July 25th. I would advise looking for a new company to move your services to. There will be an email sent out with a list of vendors that will want to have your business. Again in the meantime, if I were you, I would start looking to move your service as soon as possible. Keith V Client Support Specialist BurstNET Technologies Inc. Ticket Details ________________________________________ Ticket ID: DRX-507-80107 Department: Billing Type: Issue Status: In Progress Priority: Normal Support Center: https://support.burst.net/index.php?

    • You should quickly start looking for an alternative provider who will take care of migrating all your data from Burstnet. Dirt cheap hosting has shattered burstnet, this time I would recommend you to invest in a good provider. The new provider might not be cheap like Burstnet but make sure it's reliable and stable. You are most welcome to test our support and service.

  3. A very disappointing news for the Burstnet customers who were not aware of burstnet situation. Getting such news with just a month in hand have left customers in a very annoying and helpless situation. The small website owners may not face issues with the migration but big customers might panic. Hope their customers find a reliable and stable hosting provider soon.

  4. Robert Longfield

    I got this message. The kicker is I'm just 6 months into my service with them. Think I'll see my money returned? Doubt it. I would have no problems if they allowed me to ride out the remainder of my contract with them and then not allow me to renew but cutting me off mid contract is a shittastic move. I give Digiplus an F- for that move. Bad hosting provider in my books.

    • They are cancelling the service, they should provide refund for the remaining period. Did you tried to contact them for the refund?

      • William

        According to their Facebook account they are moving VPS customers to hostwinds.com which has an active Spamhaus blacklist and several bad ratings on https://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/hostwinds.com?utm_source=addon&utm_content=popup for spam.