BroadCloud is using Piston Cloud Computing's pentOS for its customers private cloud

Web Host BroadCloud Adds Piston Private Cloud OS to its Managed Services

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Managed web hosting provider BroadCloud announced on Friday that it will offer Piston Cloud Computing‘s Piston Enterprise OS as part of its managed services.

This comes a day after Piston talked about its use of Ceph for block storage in its Piston Enterprise OS product.

BroadCloud says its customers will be provided with a hosted data center, infrastructure management and server and network equipment powered by pentOS software. pentOS will help customers manage and build their private cloud.

Launched to the public in January, Piston Enterprise OS is the first cloud operating system built on OpenStack and the first OpenStack distribution specifically focused on security and the operation of enterprise private clouds. In September 2011, the WHIR talked to Piston founders about the cloud operating system for enterprise private cloud environments.

Since pentOS can connect and interoperate with any other public cloud or private cloud powered by OpenStack it prevents vendor lock-in.

The Null Tier architecture combines storage, compute and networking on every node for scalability and cost efficiency.

“Our experience and focus on high value, high risk, high compliance and high security solutions are central to BroadCloud’s clients and partners,” Brent Eubanks, EVP strategic Services at BroadCloud said in a statement. “And with Piston Cloud’s premier private cloud software, pentOS, we can now provide our customers with an easy-to-install and secure private cloud in around 10 minutes and with hands-free scale-out.”

BroadCloud says it delivers managed services out of 60 data centers operated by providers like Equinix, Level3, Bytegrid, and  CoreLink.

“Piston Cloud is pleased to offer BroadCloud customers and partners the power of Piston Enterprise OS, a technology combination that delivers scalable performance, flexibility and security for the enterprise private cloud,” Christopher MacGown, CTO at Piston Cloud Computing, Inc. said in a statement. “Their premier hosted services delivers high value at an affordable monthly rate, coupled with the global reach and 100 percent service level agreement of BroadCloud’s managed hosting services; making it simple for enterprise customers to easily leverage the benefits of an OpenStack private cloud.”

On Monday, Piston launched a new community open source project to allow VMware‘s Cloud Foundry platform-as-a-service to run on OpenStack.

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