Web Host AIS Network Offers Cloud-Based SharePoint 2010 For Internet Sites

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Managed web hosting provider AIS Network announced this week that it has begun hosting SharePoint 2010 for Internet Sites, one of a set of new hosted services the company intends to introduce for digital content creators in 2012.

According to the company, SharePoint FIS simplifies web content management and administration for creative teams. One of quite a few varieties of Microsoft’s SharePoint collaboration and content management tool, the For Internet Sites flavor is geared more toward collaboratively building and managing public-facing websites.

Much more information about AIS Nerwork’s cloud-based SharePoint FIS hosting is available at the company’s website.

The new offering will add to AIS Network’s existing set of hosted SharePoint offerings.

“For years, AISN has provided its web development, marketing and creative media clients with fully managed, dedicated hosting for their Web sites, SharePoint Server and SharePoint FIS, and other business-critical applications,” said AISN CEO Jay Atkinson. “Now, digital content creators’ interest in the cloud, and the mobile access it affords, is surging. Offering cloud-based SharePoint FIS represents the first of several steps that we will take to expand AISN’s cloud hosting services for professionals working in digital content creation fields such as Web development, design, publishing, film, architecture, advertising, marketing and public relations.”

The company says hosted SharePoint FIS is a good fit for compliance-focused enterprises, associations and other organizations that deal with large user groups via public-facing sites, as well as design agencies that need to launch multiple Internet/extranet sites quickly.

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