VPS Hosting Firm Linode Launches New High-Memory Instances

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VPS hosting provider Linode launched new high-memory instances and a $5 plan this week, as it builds out a new line of specialized instances to meet varying customer needs, according to a blog post on Tuesday.

The VPS hosting company says high-memory instances are ideal for workloads like high-performance databases, in-memory caching, rendering, and data processing.

The announcements come shortly after Linode added a second facility in Tokyo.

High-memory instances have a higher ratio of RAM to compute power and storage, and come in five tiers from 16 GB for $60/month up to 200 GB for $960/month.

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Linode’s new $5 plan includes 1GB of RAM, and 20 GB of storage, with a 1 TB transfer limit. In a comment on Linode’s blog post announcing the new plan, a customer said he appreciated the cheap option for hobby projects. Another customer said he was glad to see a $5 package which provides more RAM than the $5 option from DigitalOcean, which only includes 512 MB RAM.

The new plans are available to all Linode KVM customers.

Linode also increased the storage included with its $10 2 GB plan, from 24 GB to 30 GB. Existing customers of the plan can take advantage by creating a new disk or resizing their existing one.

The minimum outbound network speed limit for Linode plans has been increased to 1000 Mbps, with the change taking effect on reboot for existing customers.

A new Linode Manager, RESTful API, and block storage service will also be released to beta this year, the company says.

Linode CMO Casey Smith said he was “flattered” when AWS launched its VPS service Lightsail, starting at $5 a month, in December.

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