VPLS Deploys Virtual Secure Access Gateway to Provide Customers Direct Cloud Connectivity

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Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider VPLS has deployed a solution that gives its customers direct Virtual Private Network connections through which they can access to their individual accounts and servers securely and reliably. Array Networks announced on Tuesday that VPLS has deployed its vxAG virtual secure access gateway.

VPLS provides dedicated, cloud and managed hosting, and operates more than 10,000 servers and hosts 5,000,000 websites between its various brands including its dedicated server and hosting division, Krypt.

Each virtual VPN portal is fully independent, with separate management, access policies, access methods and resources. End-customers can manage and adapt their virtual environments through the integrated My.Krypt cloud management platform.

The vxAG virtual appliance supports up to 10,000 concurrent users to accommodate VPLS’s growing Krypt customer base. Also, the new Array SSL VPN allows VPLS to support virtual workloads that were previously not supported on the company’s legacy secure access hardware appliance.

VPLS COO Tim Mektrakarn said in a statement, “Using the vxAG secure access gateway, the end customers have secure, out-of-band access to their personal portal, and can manage and control a wide variety of features and functionality for their dedicated or virtual server environments.”

This sort of private connection service has been extremely popular among cloud consumers since Amazon Web Services became one of the first major public cloud providers to offer direct links to its cloud when it launched Direct Connect in 2011.

Early this year, Microsoft launched its ExpressRoute service which offers private connections between customer data centers and its Windows Azure public cloud, which it is rolling out to multiple data centers around the world through colocation providers such as Equinix.

In June, IBM cloud hosting subsidiary SoftLayerlaunched its Direct Link service which lets customers establish a private link between their existing IT infrastructures and their SoftLayer compute resources. And Google Cloud Platform is preparing to make a new VPN service generally available in the first quarter of 2015.

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