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VMware Simplifies Service Provider Cloud Delivery with vCloud Integration Manager

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Virtualization and cloud infrastructure provider VMware announced on Tuesday that it has launched VMware vCloud Integration Manager for service providers automate the delivery and operations of clouds based on VMware vCloud Director.

VMware says its new software will help service providers quickly create and deploy cloud service offerings as well as operate efficiently, and scale to meet customer demand.

vCloud Integration Manager is expected to be available in Q1 2012 and will be priced on a usage-based subscription model like its other vCloud services.

“Service providers are looking to get high-margin cloud services to market as quickly as possible,” Mathew Lodge, senior director of cloud services, VMware said in a statement. “Until now that involved wrangling manual processes, diverting scarce development resources onto writing glue code and portals, or choosing to implement complex and expensive third-party systems. With VMware vCloud Integration Manager, providers of VMware vCloud services will have the tools they need to automatically provision services, enable reseller partners and speed customer on-boarding.”

According to the press release, about 90 service provider partners offer services that meet the VMware vCloud Powered criteria since its launch in February 2011. This is a 3x increase since Q3 2011, and the surge of adoption indicates a demand for tools to ease the provisioning and deploying vCloud service providers like the vCloud Integration Manager.

Most recently, at the beginning of January, cloud hosting provider Logicalis was awarded VMware vCloud Powered verified status. The recognition shows customers that its cloud services are built on VMware’s vSphere and vCloud Director technology.

According to VMware, its vCloud Integration Manager will be tightly integrated with VMware vCloud Director, vSphere, vShield Edge, and VMware vCenter Chargeback Manager to automate provisioning and delivery of infrastructure.

vCloud Integration Manager will provide a REST-based API to integrate with a service provider’s systems and a web-based administration portal. The web-based portals will automate service plan, customer lifecycle and reseller management. Service providers can standardize product configuration and delivery, and reduce the time and overhead involved in reseller transactions, according to the press release.

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