VMware Launches DaaS Based on vCloud Hybrid Service

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VMware announced on Monday the launch of a new cloud-based desktop service running on its VMware vCloud Hybrid Service, called VMware Horizon DaaS.

According to VMware, the new service offers a hybrid DaaS that gives customers the option to combine public cloud desktops and on-premise VMware Horizon View private cloud desktops.

By running on vCloud Hybrid Service, VMware Horizon View desktops can be spun up and provisioned easily. The desktops can be accessed from a variety of devices, including laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

VMware Horizon DaaS supports Windows server and Remote Destkop Service environments, as well as full Windows Client Desktops.

“Having pioneered the market for DaaS back in 2007, VMware continues to lead by introducing industry-first capabilities and technology innovations to deliver a best-in-class service and solution to our customers,” Sumit Dhawan, VP and GM, desktop products, End-User Computing, VMware. “Our experience working with customers deploying DaaS the last several years have shown that the majority prefers a blended environment with both on-premise and cloud desktops. However, very few solutions in the market can deliver a seamless end-user experience across multiple clouds like VMware Horizon DaaS.”

This service comes months after VMware acquired Desktone, a desktop a service provider that VMware planned to combine with its Horizon View in order to create an offering for its service provider partners to go to market with a cloud desktop service.

As employees work from several different devices, DaaS can help organizations bring a seamless user experience, while controlling security and applications.

“Businesses today are betting big on the cloud and Chromebooks used with web applications like Google Apps for Business fit the way we work today,” Caeser Sengupta, vice president, product management, Google. “VMware Horizon DaaS helps companies transition to the cloud while supporting existing Windows applications. Chromebooks are secure, management and cost effective, making them a great option for businesses with the impending end of support and security updates on Windows XP.”

VMware said that customers have three different options for desktop deployment models: off-premise public cloud desktops, on-premise private cloud desktops (VMware Horizon View), and now hybrid cloud desktops.

VMware Horizon DaaS will be available from partners and is compatible with other VMware-based cloud services. The service can be sold the same way as on-premise VMware virtual desktops and partners retain the billing relationship with customers.

VMware Horizon DaaS is available initially in the US, with global expansion expected for later this year. Pricing starts at $35 per month per user.

Last year, Cisco launched a desktop as a service solution for cloud providers to offer customers a virtual desktop subscription service.

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