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VMware Launches Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Service in US, UK

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VMware announced Tuesday that it is offering a new cloud-based disaster recovery service. It is available through its vCloud Hybrid Service data centers located in the US and UK. IBM announced a similar service yesterday.

VMware says the service is easily implemented. Since almost half of businesses see hybrid cloud as a long-term cloud strategy, this offering might convince them to adopt it more quickly.

VMware vCloud Hybrid Service offers enterprise-class disaster recovery. Cloud is considered enterprise level when it provides multiple levels of security through physical blocks, infrastructure and software. This service offers a recovery point objective (RPO) of up to 15 minutes and works by continuously replicating virtual machines to a virtual data center.

“Typically, DR services require expensive professional services to install and maintain,” Jerry Sanchez vice president of Hosting Operations, VMware said. “With the VMware solution, the data and applications are simply mirrored in vCloud Hybrid Service, ready to go whenever trouble strikes, and with the benefits of a cloud-based economic model.”

Rather than continuously backing up exact duplicates of data center hardware configurations, the hybrid cloud service offers a way to automate, replicate and recover critical applications. This allows the service to be less expensive since the cost of duplicating infrastructure or maintaining a backup data center is removed. The service is priced at $835 per month which includes 1 TB of storage.

According to Bill Fathers, senior vice president and general manager, VMware strives to make disaster recover simple, less expensive and less complex. This type of service may be a good option for companies that don’t yet have a disaster recovery solution in place or would like to replace an in house solution with cloud-based recovery.

The new VMware disaster recovery service may also reduce expenses and could offer greater protection in comparison to current options. Given the competitive cloud market and recent price reductions in cloud services, it is always best to research several options before settling on a disaster recovery solution.

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