ViaWest Launches HIPAA-Compliant Cloud for Healthcare Industry

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Colocation services provider ViaWest has unveiled “KINECTed Health Cloud”, a cloud offering specifically built for the heavily regulated healthcare and life sciences sectors, and that meets HIPAA compliance requirements.

Created in partnership with IT services and integrated solutions provider Abnology, KINECTed Health Cloud is a so-called “Compliance-as-a-Service” solution designed to meet the audit requirements of businesses that handle electronic Protected Health Information.

Protecting electronic health records has been an important and difficult responsibility thrust upon healthcare organizations in the digital era. A Ponemon Institute study from last year found that 94 percent of 80 healthcare organizations polled had at least one data breach in the past two years, costing anywhere from $10,000 to more than $1 million.

“The healthcare environment has become much more complex,” ViaWest CTO Jason Carolan said in a statement. “In an effort to relieve the pressure for companies facing potential fines and compliance breaches, ViaWest can now immediately help companies to determine their organization’s risk, enforce further data privacy actions and establish security enforcement strategies that will help them meet their compliance goals.”

A third-party hosting and managing sensitive US health data is subject to strict guidelines, and the HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule in September 2013 required them to specify their security and privacy responsibilities to a healthcare organization.

There have also been some new investment into the third-party healthcare cloud hosting industry including ClearDATA Networks which closed a $14M Series B funding round to help its HIPAA-compliant cloud grow.

According to ViaWest’s compliance and security product technical director Annalea Sharack in a video presentation (below), “The ViaWest KINECTed Health Cloud was built with HIPAA compliance from the ground up. So, not only is compliance built into all layers of the cloud to include the facility, the environmental security controls, we also built security within the administration interfaces, the storage, the servers, the compute, networking and the virtualization, as well as the security management of that layer.”

Sharack said KINECTed Health Cloud “supports all the operational complexities that are difficult to manage in-house to include infrastructure, data, systems, and managed services.”

KINECTed Health Cloud – ViaWest Security and Compliance Series – Video 4 from ViaWest on Vimeo.

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