Vexxhost Launches cPanel-Powered Cloud Hosting Service

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Cloud hosting provider Vexxhost announced on Thursday it has launched Cloud Sites, a new cPanel-powered service that delivers “highly redundant, ultra-fast, and instantly scalable cloud hosting.”

The move comes a few months after Vexxhost launched its cloud reseller API and modules, which includes a WHMCS module that allows any company to offer cloud servers in a white-label environments.

Vexxhost’s new Cloud Sites service is a cPanel cloud hosting solution that runs individual accounts in isolated virtual containers.

The service offers allocated hardware resources, including RAM, CPU, and disk space, which improves the overall performance of customers’ websites and applications.

“Cloud Sites combines the power and reliability of cloud hosting with the convenience of a managed service,” said Mohammed Naser, CEO at Vexxhost. “Customers can sign up for an affordable Cloud Sites plan to maximize website performance, choosing a service with the cloud cycles required. Our optimized platform then has an immediate, measurable impact on page loading and application processing times. Meanwhile, our expert team takes care of server configuration and management, allowing customers to focus on their businesses, instead of working with their hosting plan. This is the first time technology like this has been available as part of a web hosting plan.”

The service’s scalable redundant storage is able to “heal” itself in the event of failure, assuring customers┬áthat their website will always remain online.

Cloud Sites’ entire infrastructure is designed for optimal performance, equipped with web servers that can handle up to 20 times more connections than standard web hosting accounts, high availability file storage, and a static content offloading system .

Vexxhost is also including website performance tool CloudFlare Railgun for free to Cloud Sites customers.

The Cloud Sites service includes more than 200 web applications, an automated script installer, $200 in marketing credits, and 24-hour monitoring and support.

Customers can select from tiered cloud hosting plans and also receive free expert migration to get their cloud site online.

Talk back: Are you currently offering your customers a service similar to Cloud Sites? Do you think the new Cloud Sites service will help Vexxhost attract new business? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Vexxhost is a hosting service where I have hosted my web site for a year. My web site is about Business Directory for Turkish companies. On August 4th my site went down for some misconfiguration of a recovery completed a few days earlier. I contacted Vexxhost for help. I submitted a Ticket: #FIF-852-11311and received an auto-response that they had received my request for help. It took them quiet a while to extract my website from their back up. Finally when it was done, still they failed to recover my website. When I warned them that I will launch complaints about vexxhost if they failed to solve the issue. They come up with a reply that 'We have exhausted all to resolve this issue. We have restored it from the backup you have provided and did all the things possible to get this resolved but unfortunately the issue has to be checked by your developer. We have worked with our senior technician and has done all your request regarding the restoration. This is beyond our scope of support and tried all we can to assist you on this.' However the issue has got nothing to do with the developers. On 2 occasions I warned them while recovering my website, they have failed to restore 50 odd tables from the MySQL database, which is one of the reasons of webpage not loading. After 12 days, I now launch my complaint for this hosting company.