Verizon Launches Secure Cloud Interconnect

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Verizon is launching a new service called Secure Cloud Interconnect (SCI) to enable enterprises to securely connect multiple clouds, the company announced Wednesday. Organizations can connect to multiple cloud services using Verizon’s Private IP service.

Clouds provided by Verizon and Microsoft Azure can be connected to begin with, and Verizon will add another “half-dozen other major cloud services” this year.

Verizon has also placed its Private IP service in 15 Equinix data centers, allowing customers with private clouds hosted by Equinix direct access.

“The reality is that many organizations today use multiple clouds to meet their business and technical objectives, but there was no easy way to manage this environment until now,” said Michael Palmer, vice president of product development for Verizon. “Our new offering uniquely gives enterprises everything they require in a multi-cloud environment – security, private connectivity, performance, simplicity and efficiency.”

SCI will enable enterprises to view application usage by workload, users, location and performance, which will then allow them to relocate applications where they are most needed.

Other providers offering multi-cloud connections through Private IP links include AT&T, tw telecom, and Level 3 Communications, according to Light Reading, but Verizon’s product is differentiated by its dynamic bandwidth allocation and usage-based billing, as well as Verizon’s end-to-end connections.

The new service is being offered in Denver, Northern Virginia, and Santa Clara, California, to begin with, and will be rolled out to other locations including in Europe and Asia-Pacific later in 2014.

Clouds connecting to SCI will have connections up to 10 gigabits available, Verizon says.

Java PaaS CloudBees became available on Verizon Cloud in February.

Multi-cloud approaches are highly popular among large enterprises, according to a report published by RightScale last week. SCI is a natural extension of Verizon’s enterprise cloud service development which leverages its network to take advantage of the emerging market for this kind of service.

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