Unicef UK Taps Box for Cloud Collaboration

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When you hear Unicef box, it’s more than likely the image of a little orange box with a handle for collecting change on Halloween that comes to mind. But now you may have a different association as Unicef UK has signed a deal with Box, the cloud storage company.

Box announced on Tuesday that Unicef UK is using its service for employees to share documents and collaborate both internally and externally.

The cloud storage provider said the move is part of increased adoption Box has seen in Europe as organizations look for ways to enable a more mobile and collaborative workforce.

Box has also seen adoption in the non-profit space in particular, with the International Rescue Committee, the UN Foundation and Oxfam all moving to Box for cloud-based collaboration. In 2014, Box introduced Box.org, designed specifically for non-profits to take advantage of the cloud. Eligible non-profits are able to access 10 donated Starter licenses for a small one-time admin fee, Box.org said.

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“Our staff work with colleagues and partners around the world on hundreds of projects,” Unicef UK ICT Director Ian Williamson said in a statement. “Box will provide us with a platform to help manage our content more effectively and to be more efficient and productive in our work for children.”

Of course Box is not the only cloud provider that provides discounts or special offers to non-profits. Microsoft has made waves in this area, announcing in January its plans to donate $1 billion worth of Microsoft cloud services to non-profits and university researchers over the next three years.

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