HA Hosting Takes Over 100 Customers from Recently Shuttered Nytram Hosting

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UK web host HA Hosting has taken over the hosting of 100 small business websites who were customers of Nytram Hosting, which recently went out of business.

HA Hosting is a hosting provider with a custom-built data centre in Holbrook, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, and Nytram Hosting was in nearby Barnsley. HA Hosting negotiated a deal to acquire Nytram’s assets and migrate its customers’ websites before any of them would have been affected by the shutdown.

“After hearing about the problems Nytram were facing, we devised a rescue package, allowing the companies which relied upon their services to continue trading, by transferring the domains and hosting support to our own data centre,” HA Hosting managing director Rory Delahoyde said in a statement. “For all concerned, it’s a win-win. The companies affected have been able to continue accessing their websites as normal and for us it has helped us to expand our web hosting offer, increasing our hosting portfolio by over 100 businesses overnight.”

A web hosting business is often very easy to start, but difficult to end. It’s all too common for a small web host to close without warning whether it’s because of financial difficulties or because the owner loses interest.

This, of course, creates a difficult situation for businesses who have come to depend on a particular web host. While it’s a best-practice for a company to have a recent backup of their data either stored in-house or with another provider, many don’t think about this until their website and email become unavailable. This could mean the business might have to rebuild their website from scratch, and in the meantime lose out on potential customers while their site and email are offline.

Earlier this year, New Zealand web hosting reseller 24/7 Hosting inconvenienced customers when it shut down, leaving customers scrambling to take their web hosting, domains, and email elsewhere. The Domain Name Commission and local web hosting and domain provider Voyager have been working to give options to businesses that could love their domains because of the closure.

From what it seems, Nytram Hosting knew its days in business were numbered, and conceded to sell its assets to a competitor. This is an elegant way for Nytram Hosting to close down, and one that doesn’t bring other companies down with it.

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