A few of the upgraded features of Easyspace's dedicated server range, shown in a screenshot of its website

UK Web Host Easyspace Allows for Customization with New Dedicated Servers

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UK web hosting provider Easyspace announced on Monday that it has upgraded its range of dedicated servers so customers can customize a server suited to their needs. The new line also includes enhanced managed backup options.

This announcement comes a few weeks after web hosting provider ServInt overhauled its dedicated managed servers with its new Flex line to offer customers more space, RAM, and larger CPUs with more cores.

Easyspace says the new server range allows customers to create the best dedicated server for their requirements. Through a drop-down menu, customers can select the appropriate amount of resources including processing, memory, hard drive or operating systems.

Depending on the experience of their customer base, web hosts may find that offering more personalized control over server configuration allows a more hands-off approach to sales. However, for customers with little technical knowledge, the ability to customize a server may be daunting, and a customer may give up on the purchase if it is too complicated to configure a personalized server.

Customers can select Dual, Quad and HEX core processors; up to 300GB RAM; a full choice of HDD and RAID; Linux, Windows or VMware operating systems and a full range of managed backup, according to a press relase.

“World Backup Day offers us a chance to remind our customers about the importance of backing up their data,” Sarah Haran, managing director of Easyspace said in a statement. “Our upgraded dedicated server range means we can build customized servers and fully protect data to suit any business requirement, from e-commerce, to email services and applications. This, combined with price stability, enhanced SLAs and the reliability of 24/7 support from our own fully-managed data center infrastructure, means every Easyspace customer will get the servers they need to support and grow their individual business.”

Customers are becoming more aware of the need for data backup, so Easyspace’s backup offering is the type of feature that lends itself to upselling.

Prices for the new dedicated servers start at $80 for the  Starter Range which Easyspace says is ideal for hosting, development and VPN services. The Business Range starts at $160 per month and is good for media processing, development and hosting multiple websites. Finally, the Professional Range starts at $320 per month and the server can take up to 8 drive bays, and features fast SAS storage and a Hex Xenon range of processors.

In March, Easyspace announced that it would provide the fulfillment platform for DotMobi’s goMobi website builder and the GetMo Google program to help small businesses in the UK create mobile websites.

Talk back: How does your dedicated server range stack up? Do customers want the ability to customize server resources, or would they prefer a pre-packaged bundle? Let us know in the comment section.

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