UK Government Cloud Services Framework G-Cloud 5 Opens

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This week, the UK government opened G-Cloud 5, the latest iteration of a framework through which suppliers provide public sector buyers with cloud-based services such as web hosting, site analytics and document collaboration tools.

G-Cloud digital engagement lead Raphaelle Heaf wrote in a blog post this week, “Any previous G-Cloud suppliers will have been notified of G-Cloud 5 being open to new submissions of services. Over the next few days it will go live on Tenders Electronic Daily, but you can access the tender documents from Crown Commercial Service,” she wrote.

A new version of the G-Cloud framework is released every 3 to 12 months – but typically iterate at regular 6 months intervals – so frameworks overlap.

Each version of the G-Cloud framework runs for 12 months so service providers have to join the new framework in order for their services to remain available in the government CloudStore. G-Cloud 5 is particularly relevant for service providers already designated under Giii, which will expire in May 2014. They may want to carry forward all or some of their services to G-Cloud 5.

G-Cloud began two years ago as a way to encourage public sector adoption of cloud services. UK tech blog V3 notes that the UK government is aiming for 50 percent of all new IT spending to go through the G-Cloud by 2015.

Still, there remains a disconnect between the UK public sector and G-Cloud. Over 80 percent of the companies listed on G-Cloud have never made a sale on the platform, and by some estimates only 10 percent of local authorities have even heard of G-Cloud. And earlier this month, around 100 services were deemed “irrelevant” and removed from G-Cloud.

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