Cloud hosting provider ElasticHosts has launched its white-label cloud reseller program

UK Cloud Host ElasticHosts Launches White-Label Cloud Program for Resellers

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UK cloud hosting provider ElasticHosts announced on Wednesday that its partners are now able to start selling its cloud solutions under their own brand with its new white-label cloud program.

This news comes two months after ElasticHosts launched Cloud Sites and Managed Cloud Servers to provide customers with a broader range of cloud services.

The white-label program allows partners to rebrand the ElasticHosts control panel where the end-user can manage their own cloud servers.

Web hosts that want to offer cloud services may opt for a partner program like ElasticHosts to avoid the high expenditure of setting up their own cloud environments. The ability to brand the control panel that their end-users see, as well as have control over the customer support services, gives the web host more control over the customer relationship.

Once a customer signs up, the reseller receives 30 percent of recurring revenues. The platform bills end customers automatically, and then distributes funds to the reseller.

Partners can launch clouds from any or all of ElasticHosts’ five data centers in the US, Canada and UK. Recently, ElasticHosts opened two new data center locations in Los Angeles and Toronto.

“More and more businesses are looking to take advantage of cloud and the cost and overall efficiency it provides. As a result, service providers need to be able to offer cloud servers or they risk missing out on a vital revenue opportunity and losing existing customers to the big name clouds,” Richard Davies, CEO at ElasticHosts said in a statement. “However, the challenges of launching a cloud offering are the expense and time that it takes to develop. Not only do you need to take into account the capex required to buy the necessary hardware and data center capacity, but you also need the skillset to design and manage such a flexible, agile service. We wanted to take that pressure away by giving resellers a ready-to-sell cloud offering and allowing them to launch it quickly and easily, immediately making them a player in a booming market.”

In June, web hosting provider Netelligent Hosting launched its white label reseller cloud hosting services, making it one of a handful of Canadian web hosts offering white-label cloud hosting.

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