UK Cloud Host ElasticHosts Launches Cloud Sites, Managed Cloud Servers

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UK cloud hosting provider ElasticHosts announced on Thursday it has launched two products, Cloud Sites and Managed Cloud Servers, which will provide customers with a broader range of cloud services.

Europe as a whole has few on-premise cloud hosting companies, with the exception of industry heavyweights like Amazon`s EC2 service and Google Apps based in Dublin, Ireland. This absence of cloud hosting services certainly provides a huge opportunity for companies like ElasticHosts to lead the market.

The new cloud products come a few months after ElasticHosts expanded further into North America with the opening of two new data center locations in Los Angeles and Toronto, adding to its other locations in London, UK and San Antonio.

By expanding their portfolio to include a range of cloud services enables, hosting companies are able to meet all business needs and more effectively appeal to a mass audience.

The two cloud products encompass a range of new services including cloud migration, server management, managed back-up and disaster recovery for cloud based infrastructure.

ElasticHosts’ existing solutions provide flexible, pay-as-you-go, self-service cloud servers to organizations. With full admin access, customers log in, configure their software and adjust server capacity to match demand.

By partnering with Hybrid Sites, ElasticHosts’s Cloud Sites provides cloud web hosting for standard PHP/MySQL websites without the need for any server administration.

Cloud Sites hosts provides customers with the redundancy and scalability of the cloud without having to manage the underlying servers.

ElasticHosts has also partnered with Cloudways to launch Managed Cloud Servers, which provide flexible pay as you go cloud servers, server management, cloud migration assistance, monitoring capabilities, and back-up / disaster recovery services.

Managed Cloud Servers allows businesses to deploy a wide range of applications, including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento and Java Servlets. Cloudways team will help plan, deploy and manage these or any other application on both Linux and Windows platforms.

CloudWays recently began offering cloud-based hosting for the Magento ecommerce platform, built on the Rackspace cloud.

“Many ‘cloud hosting’ offerings are traditional hosting in disguise,” said Richard Davies, CEO at ElasticHosts. “Customers find that the core benefits of cloud, flexibility and the PAYG model, are not there. The first rule of cloud is that it must be elastic and customisable to suit individual companies. In launching Cloud Sites and Managed Cloud Servers, we are ensuring that all businesses are catered for. It’s this kind of flexibility and choice that businesses sign up for with the cloud.”

To mark the launch of these new products, ElasticHosts is currently offering a free trial to businesses.

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