Uhuru Joins Effort to Bring .NET and SQL Server to OpenShift

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Red Hat’s public Platform-as-a-Service, OpenShift Online, is collaborating with Uhuru Software to bring Microsoft .NET and SQL Server capabilities to OpenShift.

Uhuru, the company that helped bring .Net services to Cloud Foundry, will help bring Microsoft .NET and SQL Server capabilities to OpenShift.

The reason behind this, according to OpenShift Partner Ecosystem technical director Chris Morgan, is that Red Hat “deeply believe[s] in customer choice”. This choice give developers flexibility in the programming languages, frameworks and services they use. Currently supported programming languages already include Java, Ruby, PHP, Node.js, Python and Perl.

The first step in this effort will be Uhuru contributing open source code to the upstream community project OpenShift Origin. Then, at some point in the future, .NET apps will be brought to OpenShift Online and Enterprise customers.

OpenShift will eventually provide application isolation for multiple .NET apps on the same Windows instance, along with other isolated workloads. It will also allow developers to easily write an application using a .NET frontend that is on Windows with a MySQL backend on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, all through the OpenShift self-service interface.

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