Ubuntu 12.04 LTS release will be supported until 2017

Ubuntu Linux 12.04 Supports OpenStack, Adds Cloud Features

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Canonical released its long term support server Ubuntu 12.04, codenamed Precise Pangolin, on Thursday. Ubuntu 12.04 is the fourth LTS release and introduces several new features over the previous release, 10.04 LTS, particularly around cloud, a report by ServerWatch says.

According to the report, Ubuntu 12.04 includes the OpenStack Essex release, and since it is a LTS release and Canonical will support it for five years, it plans to backport support for the next four upcoming releases of OpenStack to 12.04. While SUSE and Red Hat support OpenStack too, neither vendor has made a similar commitment in providing long term support as Ubuntu has. OpenStack released Essex at the beginning of April.

Canonical says it has worked with OpenStack contributors to offer configurations for creating hybrid clouds.

Web hosts that support OpenStack may find this signficiant, as it allows access to the latest features of OpenStack without having to change the underlying platform, according to Mark Baker, server product management at Canonical.

Ubuntu 12.04 will be the first LTS Linux release that features support for Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtualization technology. This technical compatibility means that an Ubuntu guest can be run on Hyper-V.

The new release introduces metal-as-a-service, which deploys workloads onto bare metal as if it were a cloud – spinning up physical machines on demand and recycling them for use with different workloads later. It is used in infrastructure projects like big data and cloud deployments.

Ubuntu 12.04 has an updated version of the Juju orchestration tool, which automates deployment of services like Hadoop or OpenStack using best practices.

InfoWorld says Juju now supports 70 other applications and tools in the area of devops.

“Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS brings together leading cloud, deployment and service orchestration technologies into a stable platform that will be supported on the most popular hardware in the long term” Jane Silber, CEO of Canonical said in a statement. “As institutions move to private cloud for new infrastructure, this release has everything required to become a mainstay of the enterprise computing environment.”

To download Ubuntu 12.04 and see the full list of certified hardware, go to the Ubuntu website.

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