Ubiquity Hosting Receives Strategic Investment from Private Equity Firm Seaport Capital

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Ubiquity Hosting announced on Tuesday that it has received a strategic investment from private equity firm Seaport Capital to help grow its IaaS solutions, including a planned expansion in Europe and Asia in 2014.

Neither company has disclosed the specific amount of the investment, though Seaport Capital’s target equity investment size, according to its website, is between $5 – $20 million.

Earlier this year, Ubiquity Hosting merged its Ubiquity Servers and Ubiquity Hosting and launched a new cloud service developed in-house.

“With the rapid expansion of our proprietary cloud platform, it makes sense for us to bring in the right partner to help expand and evolve our IaaS solutions for our dynamic customer base,” Clint Chapman, CEO of Ubiquity Hosting said in a statement. “Seaport Capital’s knowledge and understanding of our industry make them the ideal fit for us.”

Founded in 2004, Ubiquity Hosting is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, and has more than 8 data centers across 7 cities in the US. It provides dedicated, cloud and managed servers.

“We build our cloud hypervisors around high-clock-speed CPUs that meet or exceed 3.2 GHz, datacenter-grade solid state drives, 10 Gbps network infrastructure, and a low number of tenants per hypervisor that significantly reduces the chance of greedy neighbors. The performance level offered by our cloud solution translates into tremendous business value for our customer base.”

With a focus in the telecommunications, information and business service industries, Seaport Capital says it “invests in opportunities where there is an opportunity to grow cash flow, through acquisition and organic means, to create businesses that are leaders in their region or industry segment.” Seaport Capital’s portfolio includes Peak 10, Logicworks and Net Access Corporation.

“The robust platform developed by Ubiquity Hosting offers customers superb value,” Jim Collis, Seaport Capital Partner said. “We are excited to partner with Clint, Brett, and the rest of the team at Ubiquity Hosting by providing capital and expertise to accelerate their development.”

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  1. Congrats on the funding, no doubt 2014 will be an exciting year for you guys.