Ubersmith 4.1 Release Offers Improved User Experience

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Earlier this month Ubersmith, a provider of subscription business management software, released its latest version Ubersmith 4.1, which offers many updates that allow for greater flexibility and an enhanced user experience.

The new release features more advanced billing options that allow users to set pricing tiers for their clients. The self-service installer introduced in this version enables new users and expert system administrators to install and upgrade their Ubersmith environments on any of our supported platforms. In addition, this version includes a new API rack management capacity call ability that allows data center providers to better manage their infrastructure and gain more visibility into their data centers.

“As more and more organizations shift to becoming subscription-based, our software suite helps them maximize operational efficiency,” Dominique Archambault, chief technology officer of Ubersmith said. “We’ve enhanced our product in every way – from deployment to user interface to added features so that we deliver greater value to our customers.”

Highlights of enhancements include:

  • Advanced tiered-pricing capability: The ability to create more complex tiered pricing options.
  • Enhanced SureTax options: Tighter integration with SureTax makes handling refunds and credits much easier, plus support has been added for tax rates based on country codes and +4 zip codes. Companies can now add their own tax numbers, as well, to maintain accurate records.
  • Support for use with mobile devices: Enhancements to the admin and client portal add increased accessibility to the user interface.
  • Easy to use self-installer: New self-service tool makes it easier to install with an automated procedure to configure the software. Ubersmith’s components now run within Docker containers providing isolation from the underlying operating system, which can improve security.
  • Enhanced rack management capability: Now, there is the ability to track data center equipment with greater detail to exact locations, which makes it easier for IT staff to deal with issues related to specific pieces of equipment.

You can find the complete changelog for version 4.1 here.

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