Twitter Announces Plans for Data Center

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Microblogging site Twitter ( announced on Thursday it will soon migrate to its own data center to meet the growing demand of its service.

In a presentation given at the company’s Chirp developer conference Thursday, John Adams of the Twitter operations team unveiled Twitter’s plans to move from its current managed hosting services at NTT Ameria’s data centers to either its own data center or leased space at a wholesale data center.

In addition to NTT America, Twitter has also used Amazon’s cloud computing services in the past to store and deploy images.

The move signals Twitter’s growing demand as it works towards accomodating its massive community by updating its infrastructure.

Another popular social networking site, Facebook, broke ground earlier this year on its 117,000 square foot data center in Prineville, Oregon.

The service’s popularity has exploded over the last two years to become the 12th largest site, with its traffic growing 725 percent from 208 to 1,358 in 2009.

By operating its own data center space, the company will be able to more effectively control its infrastructure, and likely have more options for network connectivity.

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