Tsohost to Build 20,000 Square Foot Data Center in Slough

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UK web hosting provider Tsohost announced on Tuesday its plans to build its first multi-million, Tier 3-plus, 2N data center in Slough, Berkshire.

Set to open in October, the 20,000 square foot data center has 9,300 square feet of data hall space. The facility has the capacity for 120 high density racks, which will significantly expand Tsohost’s existing network and help facilitate its rapid growth.

The data center is strategically located close to available power, fiber connectivity and key PoPs including Equinix LD5.

The facility has a dedicated dark fiber ring of approximately 93 miles interconnecting it with Equinix LD5 and Telehouse Docklands, equipping it with the resiliency and high performance it needs to provide its users with near limitless bandwidth availability.

A purpose built sub station provides reliable grid power to the data center which is further supported by 2 static diesel generators, each capable of supporting the entire data center continuously in the event of a main’s failure.

Each piece of equipment is fed from 2 separate UPS clusters as part of Tsohost’s 2N architecture, preventing any single points of failure to provide uninterrupted uptime.

Tsohost has increased its power utilization effectiveness and significantly lowered the facility’s environmental impact through using advanced green technologies and methods including cold aisle containment, digital scroll compressors and increased hot aisle temperatures.

The new data center will be dedicated to Tsohost customers, equipped with a 9.8 foot perimeter fencing, electronic access control,  24-hour on site technicians and no third party colocation.

“We are experiencing massive growth and therefore building our own data center infrastructure was the next logical step,” said Adam Smith, technical director of Tsohost. “We have been planning this since 2012 and, when the ideal location on the Slough Trading Estate came up, with ample connectivity and power, it was the perfect opportunity. This investment gives us complete control over our environment allowing us to continue offering the uptime and performance our customers have come to expect.”

Do you think the new Slough data center will help Tsohost facilitate its growth? Are you currently offering data center space in the UK? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Matthew Fairtlough

    Reading your timeline that you published recently, you say you became 100% carbon neutral at one point. Is this still the case? Several potential clients have told me that this issue is very important to them and have not taken up my offers because of concerns about carbon emissions from web service companies such as yours. Reassurance and more details would be helpful, if you can give them. Thanks!