Total Uptime Technologies Expands Data Center Footprint with Peer 1

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Cloud service provider Total Uptime Technologies is expanding its data center footprint through an extended colocation agreement with Peer 1 Hosting. Total Uptime will use Peer 1 facilities in San Jose, Calif. and Portsmouth, UK in order to serve its global customers.

Total Uptime has already relied on Peer 1 and its FastFiber Network to offer 100 percent guaranteed uptime to its customers. Total Uptime has also joined Peer 1’s Smart Partner Program as part of the partnership, the companies said on Tuesday.

Since its launch in 2011, Total Uptime has expanded its cloud network to 17 countries. It provides infrastructure-as-a-service and network-as-a-service solutions, and its services include cloud DNS, cloud load balancing and web application firewall. The company has a call center in Atlanta, Georgia, and a Network Operations Center in North Carolina.

“The performance and availability that Peer 1 ensures for our customers is unmatched, and after recommending them to our customers for the last three years, we’re thrilled to enter into a formal partnership,” Jonathan Hoppe, co-founder of Total Uptime said. “The Peer 1 team has demonstrated their commitment to our goals and growth, and has the technical knowledge and capability to get us there. That’s really the winning combination for a hosting provider, and has enabled Total Uptime to deliver the best possible service to our customers.”

Peer 1 said its anycast failover capabilities are one of its differentiating factors that help it win customers. With anycast failovers, failovers are routed to the topologically nearest node, rather than to a unique endpoint, reducing latency, Peer 1 said.

“Our partners are a huge part of our success, and we value the relationship we have developed with Total Uptime in the last three years,” Kevin Paolino, senior vice president, revenue, Peer 1 said. “Most businesses today rely on impeccable Web performance, and any degradation or drops in service would likely result in a damaged reputation or even lost revenue. Failover capabilities, especially anycast, are therefore integral to any hosting environment. We look forward to continuing to expand this partnership with Total Uptime and ensure the best possible performance for its customers.”

Last year, Peer 1 added Juniper routing, swictching and security technologies to its Portsmouth, UK data center, which it opened in 2011.

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