Terremark has launched its private cloud edition to meet compliance requirements and bolster hybrid cloud offering

Terremark Launches Private Cloud Edition to Meet Range of Compliance Requirements

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Data center provider Terremark announced last week that it has launched its enterprise private cloud edition to meet the security compliance requirements of large enterprises and government agencies.

According to the announcement released on Tuesday, the private cloud solution is built on its Enterprise Cloud architecture, and it is an extension of its hybrid cloud strategy that enables customers to migrate application workloads between traditional and cloud environments. Terremark says its customers that run application workloads in its private cloud can connect easily to its public cloud platform for bursting during peak usage periods.

This announcement comes less than three months after Terremark received PCI DSS version 2.0 certification for six of its cloud-enabled data centers.

Clients with concerns about cloud security may be more inclined to migrate workloads to private clouds, rather than public, and this new offering by Terremark will meet the needs of those clients. Terremark says its new private cloud offering aheres to its commitment of an “open cloud strategy” by offering customers the freedom to utilize multiple operating systems and private network integration through its carrier-neutral data centers. Vendor-neutrality is also becoming something that customers are becoming more cognizant about, which could be why Terremark is making this claim.

“Our private edition solution is designed to meet the strong customer demand we’ve seen for the agility, cost efficiencies and flexibility of cloud computing, delivered in a single-tenant, dedicated environment,” Ellen Rubin, Terremark’s vice president of cloud products said in a statement. “Since the initial launch of the Enterprise Cloud four years ago, Terremark has been a recognized leader in delivering the innovative, enterprise-class cloud computing solutions and complementary secure IT infrastructure services that large companies and government agencies are leveraging as they migrate from traditional IT infrastructure to a hybrid model.”

Terremark customers can bridge their existing IT infrastructure with Terremark’s cloud services through its CloudSwitch software. Verizon acquired CloudSwitch in August 2011 to improve Terremark’s hybrid cloud and cloud-to-cloud capabilities. According to the press release, the CloudSwitch software allows customers to migrate application workloads to other cloud providers or back to their data centers without modifying their applications.

The enterprise cloud private edition is available from Terremark from its cloud-enabled data centers worldwide. Terremark is also offering customers a customized private cloud offering designed by its cloud experts to deploy in customer facilities and non-Terremark locations.

This edition joins Terremark’s existing managed and federal cloud editions.

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