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Tenzing Optimizes AWS-Hosted Magento Stores with New Service

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Tenzing is providing new services designed to optimize online stores using the open-source Magento ecommerce platform on the Amazon Web Services public cloud.

Tenzing, which provides managed services and hosting solutions for online retailers, has added Magento Optimized Hosting on AWS as a way for customers to leverage AWS’s scalability, but also optimize their deployment, performance, security, reliability and availability.

“Merchants need a capable technology and business partner that delivers expertise at the platform and application level,” Tenzing CEO Brian Shepard said in a statement. As that partner, Tenzing helps merchants reduce the money they spend on the underlying infrastructure and operational services needed to manage an enterprise store front.

Tenzing’s Magento ecommerce services also help address seasonal and unexpected spikes in demand. It also provides two disaster recovery options: “pilot light” which is backed by a 99.99-percent Site Availability SLA, and “warm standby” which offers a 100-percent Site Availability SLA.

According to Tenzing marketing director Dave Geada, “The combination of AWS infrastructure and Tenzing’s commerce expertise is a powerful alternative for merchants and delivers a strong ROI over other traditional forms of disaster recovery.”

To design and test reference architectures for this solution, Tenzing worked with Magento engineers, system integrators, AWS, and merchants.

In February, Tenzing released Magento Optimized Hosting, a more general service for Magento ecommerce merchants that combines Tenzing’s core managed services with advanced managing services such as site optimization, application performance monitoring, multi-endpoint load testing, and DoS mitigation and prevention.

Ecommerce is a sector where application performance is crucial, and easily translatable into dollar terms – site problems can mean lost customers and revenue. By managing the underlying technology platform, Tenzing hopes to make it easier for customers to focus on driving sales.

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