New Zealand’s Digiweb Consolidates Hosting Brands to Form Umbrellar

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Digiweb web hosting brands, including Web Drive, have rebranded under one hosting and domain name company called Umbrellar. According to an announcement on Wednesday, Umbrellar has 75,000 customers nationwide and approximately 37 percent of the New Zealand hosting market with offices in Christchurch, Auckland, and India.

“We brought together 10 of the best New Zealand domain name and web hosting brands, like Digiweb and Web Drive, pooled our expertise and created something great. Really great,” Umbrellar said on its website. “Now we have four data centres, experience dating back to 1997, 75,000 customers and over 255,000 domain names registered. Our clients span across New Zealand, Australia and Asia, and we provide the same exceptional service and continuous support for all of them.”

Digiweb acquired Web Drive last year, bringing significant market share of the New Zealand market and a combined 40,000 customers. Until the launch of Umbrellar, Web Drive was operating as a separate brand with its own website.

Umbrellar has three data centers in New Zealand and one in Australia. It offers shared hosting, cloud services, domain names, email hosting, SSL certifications, backup services, CDN, dedicated services and colocation.

One of the first initiatives Umbrellar has taken on is a partnership with Air New Zealand’s new Airpoints for Business program. Through the program, businesses are rewarded with Airpoints Dollars when they spend money on hosting with Umbrellar.

“Economies of scale might be a headline, but ultimately a bigger business delivers no benefit if size is the only driver. The real driver must be about having the scale to deliver a much strong proposition for our customers, who in turn see value and relevance from our services,” Umbrellar CEO and former Digiweb managing director Adrian Grant said in a statement. “It was always obvious that the NZ sector was over supplied by a large number of small companies, all doing roughly the same things, averagely well, and in fact we were one of them. New Zealanders I am sure want first class services and I think genuinely would prefer to buy locally, but it has to come with conditions, that the services are of a high standard and priced appropriately.”

“As an industry cloud hosting responds to scale well, but it is capital intensive and at the heart that is the dilemma. To be able to invest in the types of services our customers tell us they want, we need the scale to be able to undertake the investment, not just in one year, but every year.”

Recently, Digiweb competitor ICONZ-Webvisions rebranded to ICONZ, its name when it initially started trading publically many years ago.

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