Technicians Work to Bring Department Store Website Online for Holiday Shopping Season

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The website for Myer, Australia’s biggest department store, has closed “until further notice” following Christmas Day outages and days of spotty service.

This has meant that Myer has lost out on some of its slice of the $344 million retail sales anticipated for the day after Christmas, known in many former British colonies as Boxing Day.

This incident mimics a outage in June caused by the a deluge of traffic from mid-year sales.

Myers said that technicians are currently working around the clock, but they plan on only reopening when they’re confident the issues have been resolved. The deals that drew in additional site visitors will also be reintroduced on a later date once the problems have been resolved.

This is one of relatively few website outages during a season of shopping and vacations from work. Past holiday seasons have been plagued by outages such as an inconvenient Skype outage in 2010 and an outage of video streaming service Netflix last year.

In other parts of the world, such as Toronto, Canada, inclement weather and power outages have forced a number of websites offline including the official City of Toronto website.

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