Swarmify’s New Approach to Content Delivery Uses Site Visitors to Accelerate Content

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Instead of having all site content on one server, Content Delivery Networks speed up delivery by basically populating website content across multiple server locations. But what if content could be served by individuals who visit the site?

This is the idea behind Swarmify, the first CDN based on WebRTC, a protocol that allows browsers to communicate with each other via JavaScript.

With each web browser essentially acting like a web server, content could be provided by thousands of individuals – one of whom could be a just block away.

Swarmify has also developed some other features to save bandwidth and make content delivery more efficient.

According to Swarmify, the service can be easily installed to any current hosting solution with a few lines of JavaScript code and changing a few tags. They have also created a WordPress plugin to make it easier to implement on WordPress-based sites.

Swarmify worked with beta testers for nearly a year to work out all of the technology issues, and launched the first paid plans using WebRTC for videos and images in February 2014.

Swarmify offers a free plan that provides three simultaneous connections. In other words, three of the people on your site at any given time will create your network and help serve images and video. Paid plans begin at $10 per month, which provides 10 simultaneous connections, and $10 per month for an additional 10 connections (ie. $200 for 200 connections).

Compared to traditional CDNs, Swarmify partner Jesse Delia said, “Many customers are saving in the 50 to 75 percent range.”

He continued, “As this technology becomes more prevalent the pressures on CDNs will be great. CDNs will either partner with companies properly using WebRTC or they’ll be supplanted.”

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