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StrataCloud Granted Patent For Unified Data-Based Infrastructure Management

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Infrastructure management software provider StrataCloud has been awarded a patent for technology that could simplify and automate IT infrastructure management as a single system instead of individual components.

According to its Thursday announcement, StrataCloud’s patent covers certain methods of processing information and managing IT environments using a language-oriented model that offers cross-vendor visibility and deployment automation. This technology, the company says, can be used to make decisions that fully optimize IT infrastructure performance, capacity and efficiency.

“Companies today use a range of platforms that can be complex and expensive to manage,” StrataCloud CEO Brian Cohen said in a statement. “Our focus is on knocking down the silos that exist in the data center between compute, storage, networking and hypervisors, and simplifying the management of these resources. This patent will help our customers manage their infrastructure resources consistently and efficiently.”

StrataCloud has been using its now-patented technology to deliver what it calls “data-driven, unified architecture”. It uses data to provide visibility into what’s happening across all the components of a company’s infrastructure so they can manage it in a unified way.

It also provides “situational intelligence”, which understands how complex IT infrastructures operate as a system, and prioritizes resources within the context of a company’s IT and business requirements.

StrataCloud’s “adaptive automation” capabilities also allows customers to allow the system to quickly take corrective action automatically based on the latest system data.

Tools for IT management and automation have been a cornerstone of enabling more complex infrastructures. StrataCloud’s technology promises to leverage big data to break down divisions within IT silos and to find ways to run systems more efficiently.

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