StillSecures managed security services are now available for public cloud

StillSecure Launches Managed Security Service Suite for Public Cloud

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Managed network security solutions provider StillSecure announced on Wednesday that its suite of managed security services can now be embedded within a public cloud infrastructure.

According to the press release, StillSecure’s network security appliance, Cloud Network Security Appliance, can protect customer cloud servers at most public cloud providers.

StillSecure says that prior to its launch infrastructure as a service users were not able to easily outsource security for their applications and data in the cloud.

This news comes two months after StillSecure upgraded its Safe Access network access control solution for IT administrators to let users connect to corporate networks with mobile devices and tablets using BYOD identification and enforcement.

StillSecure is part of the Rackspace cloud tools program, so though it doesn’t specify which public cloud providers it works with, one could assume StillSecure can be embedded in the Rackspace public cloud.

Web hosting provider HostWay offers StillSecure security solutions, offering a value-add security service to customers.

StillSecure Cloud NSA allows organizations to spin up a managed security cloud server within their public cloud infrastructure. It is built on top of CentOS, and can serve as the security gateway device providing inline services such as managed firewall, IDPS, or WAF. Web application attacks are among the most common threats facing infrastructure in hosted and cloud environments, and a recent report by FireHost finds that 80 percent of web application attacks originate in the US, making web application firewalls an important security measure.

Cloud NSA can also provide services like IDS, log management, file integrity monitoring, or vulnerability scanning.

“Establishing a tight security perimeter around your cloud instances is critical to reducing your attack surface and making security manageable,” James Brown, CTO of StillSecure said in a statement. “With the introduction of Cloud NSA, StillSecure is leading the effort to embed comprehensive managed security services into public cloud environments.”

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