Speak Data Center But Don’t Speak Cloud? Google Wants to Help

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Google has released a guide to its cloud platform written specifically for data center professionals with minimal cloud experience.

Like its competitors Amazon and Microsoft, Google iscoveting the enterprise cloud market, wanting companies housing IT infrastructure in their own or colocation data centers to migrate as many workloads as possible from those facilities onto its cloud platform. The guide is meant to explain to the people running enterprise data centers how the cloud substitutes each function of the facilities they operate.

Google Cloud Platform for Data Center Professionals is a guide for customers who are looking to move to Google Cloud Platform and are coming from non-cloud environments,” Peter-Mark Verwoerd, a Google solutions architect, wrote in a blog post.

The guide covers the basics of running IT in the cloud: compute, networking, storage, and management.

Starting in 2015, Google increased investment in its cloud services business and amplified messaging around it. The enterprise cloud opportunity is huge, but the company is far behind its biggest competitors in terms of market share.

One analyst report last year estimated that the top Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud providers collectively made $11.2 billion in revenue in 2015 and forecasted the market’s size to reach $120 billion by 2020. Google’s share of the market in 2015 was 2.5 percent, compared to Amazon’s 70.7 percent and Microsoft’s 10.8 percent, according to Structure Research, which published the report.

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Google’s efforts to prove its cloud’s worth included hiring VMware founder Diane Greene to lead its cloud business, investing in 10 new data center locations, and calling attention to well-known cloud customers, including Spotify, Niantic (the company behind Pokémon Go), Coca-Cola, and The Walt Disney Company.

Read Google Cloud Platform for Data Center Professionals here.

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  1. I used Google's cloud service and really it's an amazing to store my data especially PICS secured. Once I lost my mobile but still have my all captured moments because of Google's Cloud storage.