SolidFire Integrates Storage with Platform9 Managed OpenStack

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Private cloud provider Platform9 has announced general availability of its Managed OpenStack Cinder integration, allowing customers to use the storage subsystem of their choice in their KVM or vSphere-powered private clouds. As part of this launch, Platform9 announced on Monday that the first storage partner to be certified with Platform9 is SolidFire.

The joint solution combines SolidFire’s storage systems with Platform9’s OpenStack-as-a-service solution. Targeted at enterprise users and service providers, the solution offers full support for KVM and vSphere environments, and automates the setup and provisioning of SolidFire’s all-flash array in a Platform9 managed cloud.

OpenStack block storage provisions storage in the form of block devices known as Cinder volumes, and the physical storage media can be located within or directly attached to the Cinder server nodes, or can be located in external storage systems from third-party vendors like Platform9.

“Complexity of deployment and maintenance are the biggest inhibitors to ubiquitous adoption of OpenStack,” Platform9 co-founder and CEO Sirish Raghuram said in a statement. “Platform9 and SolidFire are working together to not only simplify OpenStack deployment, but also enable efficient consolidation of mixed workloads across VMware vSphere and KVM.”

On its blog, Platform9 said that now that Cinder is available, customers can choose storage from partners such as SolidFire and “know that Platform9 will take responsibility for deploying, hosting, and managing the OpenStack services required to transform that storage into cloud storage.” The company said that it will be providing more technical detail on how Cinder works and the joint solution in the coming weeks.

Platform9 said it chose to work with SolidFire as its first storage partner partly because of its expertise with the Cinder project. The company said “the fact that SolidFire was among the first storage solutions to integrate with Cinder make them a clear OpenStack storage leader.”

Platform9 launched last year as solution for enterprises to manage and deploy private clouds as a service.

“We polled over 350 attendees in a webinar and found that time to value was the most important consideration when deploying OpenStack clouds,” SolidFire VP of corporate development and strategy at SolidFire Dave Cahill said in a statement. “With Platform9 and SolidFire, customers now have a simple way to implement OpenStack that seamlessly fuses current technologies with next-gen features and requirements, dramatically simplifying consumption of cloud while maintaining workload flexibility.”

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