SolarWinds Buys Web Performance Monitoring Provider Pingdom


Pingdom, one of the biggest names in website performance tracking, has been bought by IT management company SolarWinds.

As web applications become more ubiquitous and crucial to the functioning of businesses, performance and uptime become vitally important. More than 500,000 clients already use Pingdom’s services including Twitter, Instagram, Google and Pinterest.

The Pingdom acquisition, announced Wednesday, will enable SolarWinds to extend its on-premise IT management to web application performance management. It will be providing a way to monitor performance across web, mobile, and cloud platforms, as well as the interdependencies and complexities that are common to modern applications.

SolarWinds CEO and president Kevin Thompson said in a statement, “Based on Pingdom’s transactional business model and commitment to product usability, we believe that it is the right partner for SolarWinds as we extend our leadership in solving these emerging performance management issues.”

Combined, SolarWinds and Pingdom will provide greater visibility into critical applications regardless of where they’re hosted. SolarWinds’ aims is to provide a complete view of the application environment and the supporting infrastructure, and enable administrators to identify and address problems before they affect the end-user.

The acquisition also marks a key change in SolarWinds’ strategy towards smaller organizations who need performance management tools, rather than its typical enterprise clients. SolarWinds plans on offering tools to solve specific management problems, as well as integrated product suites.

According to a Q&A provided by SolarWinds (PDF), Pingdom will maintain the Pingdom brand. Its products will be sold and marketed by Pingdom and delivered as they had before the acquisition for the time being.

SolarWinds did not disclose the financial terms of the deal.

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  1. Let us hope that Pingdom will not lose its qualities because of the purchase. I hope that the price will get cheaper after that, because right now Pingdom is a bit expensive and it made me choose another tool to monitor my networks and sites. I used to monitor Anturis, a cloud-based tool for the whole company that has the same features but with less price.

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